Tech Skills You Need for Future Employment

When we talk about future employment for most people, there is always a little uncertainty. It’s because when you think about it, you start to wonder what kind of skills are going to be needed in the future. After all, it is common to ask yourself how the future will look like. 

The truth is that no one knows for sure. However, it is essential to understand what kind of influences are actively changing the job landscape. Most people think that they are prepared because they are continuously updating their skill set, but will those skills truly suit the needs of future work?

Although this may be true, to help you understand how you would personally face the future of work, it is important to realize that technology is having a great impact on the future. The constant evolution of the tech industry triggers the surge of new ways of working.

In essence, technical skills are even more needed as days pass. As a result, education has become a currency. In other words, not having a degree or certificate might take you out of the competition. 

So, if you really want to feel confident and prepared for future business needs, here’s a list of some tech skills that will guarantee future employments, especially since businesses will need even more professionals to fill in the gaps. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is definitely shaping the way we see the world. Today, there are more companies that are using machine learning to develop their products. A few decades ago, talking about self-driving cars and self-learning virtual assistants would sound like a joke. However, the truth is that today all of that was made possible thanks to machine learning.

Another example is Amazon’s Alexa, a virtual assistant that is able to learn from experience. Alexa is capable to analyze every input that has been made in order to improve its own performance. This then spurs the births of many similar virtual assistants. The trend suggests that it is reasonable to think that employers will keep looking for candidates with machine learning skills in their toolbox.

Under those circumstances, machine learning is a great skill that can boost your employability in the future. The quickest and cost-efficient way to go about it is by enrolling in a coding bootcamps. Springboard, for instance, offers courses that are designed to teach you enterprise-level skills in just six months. It can help you to launch a new tech career in several fields like UX design, software engineering, and machine learning. The school also offers one-on-one mentorship and tutoring support to its students. In addition, its courses are very flexible, demanding only 20 hours of commitment per week. Students also get to create their own schedule. Some of its financing options include deferred tuition, upfront payments, and loan financing. 


Python is another skill that is revolutionizing the future. It is Python’s capability to interpret, visualize, and interpret data is what makes it so exceptional. Data scientists, for instance, love to use Python because it speeds up some tasks and makes their days easier. Python is a cross-platform, open-source programming language that has become very popular lately. It also has a large community where Python’s users are able to share their experiences, ask for opinions, or receive help to solve any kind of issue they might be facing. 

Nowadays, companies are relying heavily on data to make good business decisions. It is the responsibility of data scientists to find actionable insights that will help companies meet their goals and boost their profits. For this reason, Python is a must-have tool for data scientists as they have to deal with data every day. 

Given these points, the growing need to use Python will continue to increase—regardless of whether or not you want to pursue a career in data science. When it comes to learning Python, you can either opt for self-education or going to a school. If you choose the latter, we recommend weighing all options including coding bootcamps. Thinkful, for example, is a school that is committed to the students’ success so, it has designed its programs to hit the right mark. Its courses are available in full-time and part-time. The school also offers flexibility so students can opt for self-paced courses if preferred.  


Given the speed at which data is generated, there is a recurring need to manage and organize them. For this reason, data scientists, data analysts, and other professionals who need to deal with data every day use SQL. It is a programming language specifically designed to manage and organize big amounts of data. SQL can be found everywhere from your smartphone to companies’ software for servers. It does not matter what kind of device you’re using, eventually, you will interact with SQL one way or another.

Kenzie Academy offers a large variety of programs where you can learn SQL. Its programs are full-time and have a duration of one year each. Its software engineering program also covers other in-demand languages like HTML, CSS, and Django that are widely used for web development. Kenzie Academy’s graduates make an average of $48,000 per year. In addition to that, Kenzie Academy offers financing options like ISA. For this reason, money shouldn’t be an excuse if you are willing to learn.


The tech market is reshaping the future, businesses are changing the way they are working, and in the following years, tech skills will become extremely essential. For this reason, if you want to guarantee future employment, you should familiarize yourself with all the skills mentioned in this article. If you want to get hired, don’t wait for the time to pass and see how the future will be, because it is right here. So go on, prepare yourself, and start to take action.

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