5 Potholes to avoid While taking the decision

  1. Fake degree:

Every year lakhs of students and their parents line up around college and universities in India in pursuit of admissions for higher education. But lately, there has been apprehension about a large number of colleges cropping across the country that has been found offering fake degrees. So how do you know that the college you are applying for is legitimate?

In India there has been four types of universities recognized by UGC :

Central University 

Private University

Deemed University

State University

  1. Following the crowd: 

7 out of 10 students are not sure of the stream and courses that they are taking are at par with their goals. This is clearly because you are not solely responsible for your admissions. Parents and significant family members play a significant role in the process. More importantly, close friends are the one major influential factor in your decision. This is the reason a human is expected to have switched to 5 different Job roles in its lifetime. A clear headspace will take you a long way. Don’t follow the crowd. Make your own path. Do the required research and make your decisions accordingly. Once you have decided something for yourself, don’t listen to others. Don’t be a part of a rat race. 

Wise decision making
  1. Prospectus: 

The colorful prospectus, Heavy advertisement, coveted technology, lush green campus, acres of the plot, in short, an attractive Campus, like close to make it your dream campus. This is how some colleges are attracting students. But if the college is failing to provide you with good education, faculty, and opportunity it’s better not to jump for it. Don’t fall for advertisements. Decide to choose the opportunity you can grab. The fees you are paying for should be for ROI in terms of learning. Luxury is important, but not at the cost of your career. Don’t be naive to choose ranking or merits over advertisements. 

  1. 100% Placement: 

Placements are surely the reason which defines your education. But don’t choose a college only because it provides 100% placement or is having a higher CTC. Dive deeper into pieces of information, look into the median salary and average salary. You can be a good student but your probability of being in the top 5, out of 100s of students coming in from diverse regions is a chance. So why not be a little practical and be prepared? Look at the quality of the job and how will it help you journey in what you want to become. Plan your short term and long term goals. Plan for the companies you want to be in. Look carefully at which companies are regular recruiters and the ones who are casual recruiters. A detailed study will take you to your goals sooner and faster.

  1. Location:

In India, 70% of the students are not willing to relocate. If there are no financial and family constraints, we would suggest you to not restrict yourself to a particular place. Your newfound independence will make you learn so much about you. Your possibility of growth is likely to increase by 60%. You will have a sense of entitlement and self-dependence. 

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