10 Must-Know Things Before Selecting a College

“Hum ek baar jeetein hai , ek baar martein h ! Aur college? college bhi ek hi baar jaatein hain” If Shahrukh khan would be deciding a college now, he would have perhaps recited the above line. We all have always dreamt about our college life, maybe even imagined something close to the movies (probably directed by KJo), or some of the series we binge. But a college can be a career-defining step in your life. A little reluctance on the side research could lead to blunders. There are many factors that should be kept in mind before deciding which college you want to enter, and we here are going to take you to a list of them. Thorough research can take you a long way. 

  1. Availability of preferred course: 

Baba Rancho from 3 idiots correctly said “Beta kabil bano , kamyabi jhak maarke tumhare peeche aayegi “ . Plan your career, and then focus on the course which connects to it, and the college you want to enter. Do not just jump into anything the crowd is following. Make your own path, build your own success.  

Must considerations for students while selecting an online course
  1. Fees :

Make sure you go through all the on the cost of education and the infrastructure which goes hands-on with what you receive in terms of ROI. The fees you pay should fit your pocket and the values that you get from it.

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  1. Faculty :

Teachers are your mentors who can shape your life and add certain values to your life which trust me would lead you ahead in times .” Parampara, Pratishtha, Anushashan“ is cool, but make sure the teachers also inculcate modern methods of learning. You can always connect with them on Linkedin to have an edge against others.

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  1. Faculty to student ratio :

The lower the gap of the ratio , the better you would be able grasp out , and thus another factor to keep in mind.

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  1. Infrastructure :

Auditorium, library, sports ground, canteen, etc. The diverse the campus, the better you get to add to your life, because all studies, no play makes you dull. But this is surely one thing you would be most excited to know about.

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  1. Campus enviromemt :

In the coming 3-4 years of your life, you get to know and learn so much. So the diverse the student coming in the campus is, the more you are likely to learn. Supportive seniors, safe and sound culture, anti-ragging campus are things you should check.

  1. Placement : 

The kind of companies that come to your campus, the profiles, and the package they offer! Does it meet your expectations? Or on the cost that you have invested? Make sure you check on them.

First Placement

  1. Activities of your interest :

Your hobbies and things you are passionate about shouldn’t be left, once your step out of your school life. Thus, check on the activities that the college has to offer, and the exposure it offers.

  1. Alumni:

A rich alumni network can take you a very long way. I can’t stress more on the importance of a strong network of people! Be a jugaadu, and you can come out  of any messed up situation ! here networking plays a strong role, “ kyunki kachi umar k rishte bade pakke hote hai sahaab

  1.  Talk to your elders :

No one can guide you beyond the prospectus of the college, but the existing student itself! Here comes our service, you can book any senior across the country by clicking here, Talk to them, connect with them, and trust us the value and insights they will add will be immense!

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